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The Issue

If we don't take care of one of our most precious resources, our water will not be sustainable. What’s at stake? Water is an economic driver, which a city needs an abundant supply of to attract businesses.

We’re all in the same boat. Together, we all need to work (as residents, cities, state, & federal agencies, and businesses) to conserve water in our communities to ensure that it is safe, affordable, and available for future generations. What can we do to conserve water?

  • Action Items:

    • Help identify land uses and potential sources of contamination on your property (wells, tanks, septic systems, hazardous wastes, etc.)

    • Make sure any potential sources of contamination under your control meet local, state, and federal regulations.

    • Use hazardous products only as directed and dispose of them properly when no longer needed.

    • Practice proper turf management techniques and avoid over-fertilizing lawns and gardens.

    • Conserve water whenever possible.

    • Report spills (or illegal dumping) of hazardous wastes, fuels, or chemicals to law enforcement.

    • Don’t flush medications down the toilet.


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